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Buying Funnels

Set up Buying Funnels

How does the Read Write Code set up customer buying funnels, and what to expect from our team when designing them.

Keep reading to learn more about how we implement the right keyword categories to power your buying funnel pages.

Read Write Code does extensive research that goes into targeting different kinds of keywords that funnel traffic to your buying page. Not only the keywords you're using but the keywords your competitors are using as well.

There are a few important factors that also must be considered, such as content creation, organic search rankings, and website look. By following these elements, it allows us to identify the strategies your competitors are using and helps in determining if there is an SEO agency involved.

Once the Read Write Code team as identified your competition, we start working on on-site optimization and relevant content creation to your Industry that delivered in a way that Google will recognize your expertise and commitment to their users.

Why is this important? Company's that succeed with SEO think outside the box with their keyword research.

Here is one strategy that is very important for a successful SEO. Research shows that the Informational keywords, local keywords and buying keywords are crucial during the research process for a users buying experience.

These types of category Keywords will funnel the right kinds of traffic (potential clients) to your site where this traffic can take action to purchase your products or services.

Our team will interview the business owner and ask questions designed to create content. We write content for our client that will feed Google users with unique, valuable content.

With this information, using the keywords related to your industry, help to send positive signals to Google. When your content answers Google users questions, it will, over time show Google that you are the authority in your area for your industry.

Now, with the new content and relevant keywords, the buying keywords, trigger another signal that Google users are ready to purchase.

Additionally, these buying funnels should rotate different banners with seasonal specials that include some of the new relevant keywords.

The shopping experience process should be simple and easy to use. It should have a "call to action" with the exact information for Google users to find you in their search engines.

When targeting local keywords and implementing them correctly, it will help Google users find the services they are searching.

Think of your local pages as another opportunity for you to reach new clients, ones you might have never seen without these unique keywords implemented. These local pages should look like your home page with a Google map allowing Google users to find driving directions to your location. By integrating these different kinds of keywords and information into your content, ones you clients are researching it helps to funnel traffic to your pages during the buying process.

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